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Warning to New Models It has come to our attention that there are several individuals pretending to be Scouts, Photographers, Bookers or members affiliated and working for VISION MODELS ( We are also known as VISION LONDON) These fake impersonators are targeting new models via Social Media, Messenger, WhatsApp and other online platforms asking for photographs, money or asking to meet up in person- all with the promise of a potential casting, a booking, a photoshoot or registration with the Agency etc.

Vision Models are committed to provide safety advice for all new, existing and prospective models and need to make you aware of the dangers of these Imposter scouts.

Vision Models NEVER contact new models via Social Media or Online Platforms.
We DO NOT use Scouts or individuals to source models.
You can only join the Agency via our online application form on our website.
We DO NOT conduct interviews via Skype or other video chat platforms.
We never request Nude, Lingerie or implied Nude photographs.
We DO NOT ask for Money to register with the Agency.
We DO NOT offer portfolio or portfolio photographs for a fee or monetary value.

If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be affiliated with VISION MODELS/ VISION LONDON as a booker, scout, photographer, employee- it is vital that you:

DO NOT RESPOND to them and we recommend that you block them and inform a responsible adult immediately.

Please contact the Agency immediately, including the name, emails and social media links of the impersonator so that we can inform the relevant authorities immediately. You can do this directly to info@visionmodels.co.uk

Let’s keep this wonderful Industry safe and all be diligent, safety aware and safety conscious.