1.I have been a model for….
 5 years

2.My favourite type of modelling job is…  On a Catwalk….. the longer, the better.

3.The most rewarding thing about modelling is…… Someone ELSE does my hair for me! Ha, no I think the most rewarding thing is generally working with equally driven people, who wanna get the most out of a shoot day.

4. The best advise I would give to a new model is…….. Follow your own path. No-one else’s.

5. My daily routine consists of……. Huge breakfast – Gym – Castings – Read – Few episodes of ‘Come Dine With Me’ – Dinner – Bed 

6. What I most love about modelling in London and modelling in general is…… I love that London has so much variety when it comes to fashion. As a model I love dipping in and out of trends and the city attracts fashion culture from all over.

7. Top things I do to prepare for a casting/take to a casting….. Prepare: St. Ives Apricot Scrub  Take: My Lucky Ring!

8. I am happiest on a job when I …… Nail it within the first hour, obviously hahaha

9.  If I could do a shoot for any designer, it would be…. Alexander McQueen

10. I would describe my style as….. 1/2 Vintage 1/2 Boho

11.My favourite high street store is…… Urban Outfitters

12.When I am not working I like to….. Cook

13. The Cheesiest song on my iPod is…. 2 Become 1

14. My Role model is….. Soo many! But Christina Aguilera is a constant.

15. The place I would most like to visit in the world is….  An untouched remote Island

16. In five years time I will be….  Just as happy as I am now if not better 😉 x