1.My favourite job for Vision Model Management so far has been…… MAC pro Event. I was made up in the style of 1920’s Great Gatsby! Also, Showcase model for House of Sunny at London Fashion week and shooting for Nadia Ryder.

2.I have been a model for…. ( duration of time)Just over a year now (without counting my stint as a baby model!)

3.My favourite type of modelling job is…When I have to get into character

4.The most rewarding thing about modelling is…… getting to meet so many creative and inspirational people on set

5. The best advise I would give to a new model is…….. Don’t be afraid of rejection, keep working hard, believe in yourself, your hard work will always pay off.

6. My daily routine consists of waking up and going on a morning walk or run. I have a late breakfast, and hopefully a few castings lined up for the day. I’m very rarely at home during the evening, if I’m not at a dance class I will be catching up with friends in town.

7. What I most love about modelling in London and modelling in general is…… every day is different – I have a short attention span so I need this!

8. Top things I do to prepare for a casting/take to a casting….. A good 8 hour sleep will always make me feel good for a casting. I also ensure I have my compact powder on me – cant be having a shiny forehead at a casting!

9. I am happiest on a job when I …… get on really well with the team I work with and have a laugh on set

10.  If I could do a shoot for any designer, it would be…. Vivienne Westwood

11. I would describe my style as….. Preppy in the winter and boho hippy in the summer

12.My favourite high street store is……Topshop

13.When I am not working I like to….. Take dance classes and go the theatre to see musicals!

14. The Cheesiest song on my iPod is…. Phil Collins ‘Two Hearts’!

15. My Role model is….. My Mum, she is beautiful and inspiring

16. The place I would most like to visit in the world is…. Hawaii so I can surf all day long and learn how to hula dance!


17. In five years time I will be…. having a successful modelling and TV presenting career. I also will own a cute scruffy dog!