1.My favourite job for Vision Model Management so far has been……My most recent one – shooting for John Frieda- which was an amazing experience! I have also shot with Vision MM for Diana Neumark recently, on a ‘Dial M for Murder’ themed vintage shoot.

2.I have been a model for…. A few years now!

3.My favourite type of modelling job is…One where I’m free to have lots of movement or play a character and have fun with a great team!

4.The most rewarding thing about modelling is……Being able to meet and work with new people, travelling to so many different locations. There’s so much variety in the work you’re doing when your modelling.

5. The best advise I would give to a new model is……..Probably not to waste lots of money on a portfolio, just send simple headshots to agency! Look after your skin, hair and body – be healthy!

6. My daily routine consists of……. When I’m not on a shoot or filming I’m  usually going to castings and auditions, learning lines or preparing for shoots! I always try to fit in some reading and writing when I’m not working to relax or watch a film!

7. What I most love about modelling in London and modelling in general is…… Having access to amazing clients and being able to have so many opportunities.

8. Top things I do to prepare for a casting/take to a casting….. Always bring a pair of high heels!

9. I am happiest on a job when I …… When I’m being creative and able to express myself!

10.  If I could do a shoot for any designer, it would be….Chanel or Alexander Wang

11. I would describe my style as…..Quite relaxed with a rocky edge!

12.My favourite high street store is……So many – Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Zara and recently I’ve really got into online shopping so love Asos and small boutiques!

13.When I am not working I like to…..Relax! Not wear makeup and give my skin a break!!

14. The Cheesiest song on my iPod is….Probably some of my old Britney songs ..

15. My Role model is….. Meryl Streep is an amazing woman, I’d love to be as talented as she is with all her work

16. The place I would most like to visit in the world is…. I’ve always wanted to visit Thailand and I love going to New York!

17. In five years time I will be….Happy! And hopefully have seen more of the world!