1.My favourite job for Vision Model Management so far has been…… MAC makeup. The looks were all very natural but very beautiful.

2.I have been a model for…. 8 years

3.My favourite type of modelling job is…
commercial modelling4.The most rewarding thing about modelling is…… meeting new people.
5. The best advise I would give to a new model is…….. do not do anything that you’re not comfortable doing.
6. My daily routine consists of……. wake up.. daily run… castings or job…dinner and bed 🙂
7. What I most love about modelling in London and modelling in general is…… that everyday is different. You can be in London one day and Miami the next.
8. Top things I do to prepare for a casting/take to a casting….. Get plenty of sleep. Cleanse, tone and moisturise my face. Always bring your book, card and heels.
9. I am happiest on a job when I …… see the lunchtime food. haha!!
10. If I could do a shoot for any designer, it would be….Givenchy. I LOVE SHOOEESS. i would try to haggle some freebies afterwards11. I would describe my style as….. casual. I love the basics like jeans and vest tops. topped with a leather jacket.12.My favourite high street store is……American Apparell. A little bit pricey but the clothes last.13.When I am not working I like to…..go to dance classes or just relax and watch catch up tv.14. The Cheesiest song on my iPod is….. ‘I’m a Freak’ .Enrique Iglesias.
15. My Role model is….. My nan. She’s so positive and always wants to help others. <3
16. The place I would most like to visit in the world is…. Thailand. I want to ride the elephants and feed the tigers
17. In five years time I will be…. happy and content.
TO SEE ANNETTE’S FULL AGENCY PROFILE GO TO: http://visionmodels.co.uk/profile/annette-regis/