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We receive hundreds of calls per week from potential applicants asking similar questions so we thought it would be helpful to show answers to the Top Ten most ‘Frequently Asked Questions’.  If you are applying to be a model, we request that you read these points before you call the Agency or complete the registration form.

  • DO YOU DO WALK-INS? No we do NOT have Walk-In’s. This is the most frequently asked question that we receive calls on daily! We request that you do not call the agency to ask this question, and read the guidelines before applying. Due to the busy nature of our projects, the bookers cannot see you if you arrive without an appointment at the KIngs Cross London or Brighton Office. It is Agency policy to receive an application online, review it and then arrange an informal interview with successful applicant. All meetings and interviews are strictly, and must be, by appointment only. 
  • IS THERE AN EMAIL ADDRESS I CAN SEND MY PICTURES/CV TO? We adhere to Data Protection/GDPR guidelines and only accept applications via the online registration form. This keeps Personal Data protected and safer than if received via email.
  • IS THERE A FEE TO JOIN? There is no fee to join the Agency.
  • IS THERE A HEIGHT REQUIREMENT? There is no height requirement on our Commercial Board. Mainboard and Catwalk is 5ft 9 min for FEMALES and 5ft 11 for MALES. Our models have a strong commercial look and/or special skill. Acting experience is helpful. The ability to take direction and be professional at all times is a must for a Vision Model.
  • ARE YOU A MOTHER AGENT? No,we are a Commercial, non-exclusive Agency.
  • DO I NEED PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHS? No- You do not need professional photos for your application. All application images must be clear, with a good resolution and in. jpg format. We recommend a Head Shot, Side Shot and Full Length. If you have a standard ‘polaroid image’ then include this in the application. Polaroid shots need to be make up free.
  • DO YOU HAVE AN AGE RESTRICTION? Yes- All applicants must be OVER 18 years old. Anyone under 18yrs old will not be considered by Vision Models.
  • DID YOU CONTACT ME VIA SOCIAL MEDIA -No! WE HAVE BEEN ALERTED THAT THERE ARE INDIVIDUALS PRETENDING TO BE VISION MODELS SCOUTS, CONTACTING YOUNG PEOPLE VIA SOCIAL MEDIA SUCH AS INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER ETC CLAIMING THAT THEY ARE FROM THE AGENCY AND ASKING YOU TO SEND THEM YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION – WE ADVISE THAT YOU DO NOT SEND THEM YOUR INFORMATION- THEY ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE AGENCY IN ANY WAY. Our Recruitment department is very popular and receives hundreds of applications per week, we do not ask people to join us via Instagram/ Social Media. Please be careful, vigilant and aware of the need to keep your data safe. Vision Models LTD is NOT associated with any photographers, freelance scouts, ‘Photographic/ Portfolio/ Platform agencies.
  • HOW LONG DOES REGISTRATION TAKE? Applications usually take between 2 – 4 weeks to be viewed, and if successful, we will contact you for an informal interview at the London office.
  • IF I DO NOT HEAR BACK FROM YOU, SHOULD I APPLY AGAIN? Due to the volume of applications we receive daily, our team are not able to directly contact individuals who have not been accepted to the Agency. If you have not heard from us within 2 months, please assume that your application has unfortunately not been successful with Vision Models.


Research our agency before you apply so that you can see the sort of clients we have and shoots we submit models for. As with any serious job application, it is important to know who you are applying to. To pursue a career within this Industry, it is vital that you research model requirements and arm yourself with as much knowledge about the model industry and fashion world. It is a cutthroat and difficult industry and successful models are independent, pro active, have a confident and polite decorum and are professional at all times. It is important to know how to behave on set and to adhere to strict model guidelines, direction and etiquette.

DATA PROTECTION:  Vision Models adheres to GDPR Government guidelines and Data Protection Act 1988 and will only consider applications from the named person via our online security protected Registration Form. We do not accept applications from 3rd parties.

  • Castings Calls and Alerts are via text message and require your current mobile number.
  • What Gender do you most Identify with. You can also leave blank if you prefer not to say.
  • You do not have to complete this option and can prefer not to say if you wish.
  • Please state what languages you are fluent in.
  • (Feet and Inches eg 5'11")
  • This information does not influence your application to Vision Models
  • BEFORE YOU PROCEED, PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU ARE 100% COMMITTED TO APPLYING TO VISION MODELS AND THAT YOU FULLY UNDERSTAND THE TERMS & CONDITIONS OF THE AGENCY AND MODEL INDUSTRY. BY TICKING THIS BOX YOU ARE AGREEING THAT YOU UNDERSTAND AND CONFIRM ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: - I confirm that I am hold a valid UK work permit and understand that proof of this may be required. - I confirm that I have read and understood Vision Models Terms and Conditions, including the professional Standards of Conduct and agree to abide by these terms at all times, during all assignments undertaken, at all times. - I confirm that the details I have provided within the application form are true and correct from the date of application.
    I agree to all the terms above and the further T&C