There is a lot of information out there giving advice to new and established models, so here are our best guidelines of what we think are the do’s and don’ts of model conduct.

Use this as a tutorial, guide or if, like us, you are a fan of lists, you can keep note of the following and tick off in the run up to a casting or a job!

For a casting:

How to Prepare

– Research the client, so that you are aware of their style and the type of job/shoot you are likely to be doing.

– Ensure you know the address and name of person you should ask for upon arrival.

– Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before!

What to Bring

– Your portfolio or Z-card

Vision Model Management care about the environment and therefore encourage you to download your portfolio onto a portable device such as a smart-phone or tablet instead of providing a paper version to every job. Your Vision Model Management online portfolio will have been emailed to the client prior to the meeting, however it is helpful to come prepared with your own version in addition.

– Bag essentials to deal with any eventuality e.g. hairbrush, make up for touch ups (if applicable), lip balm, umbrella, phone charger.

What to wear

– This can depend on the client’s wishes (they may ask for a specific dresswear), but it is always a safe bet to wear clothes that are comfortable (you may be asked to dance, jump, roll around) and that are relatively plain as anything too vibrant could be distracting.

– We also advise that you do not wear any obviously branded clothing as this may be seen by the client as supporting a competitor.

– If you are wearing heels, take some flats (or vice versa) as designers may wish to see you walk in both.

What to do during

– Once you are at the casting or job, you should be friendly but professional and most importantly, open to direction.

-Be interested in what you are casting for- ask questions, be excited about the brand!

General Dos and Don’ts:


  • Do keep us up to date with new photos for your portfolio

  • Do let us know immediately if your stats or hair colour have changed

  • Do give notice if you cannot make it to a casting or job

  • A healthy lifestyle is important for everyone and will keep you looking your best

  • Do always keep in contact with the agency and your contact booker- for example, if you are lost or cannot remember the name of the casting director, we can help!

  • Do always be honest – communication and trust is key!

  • Do download a scanning app – this could help with invoicing and general paperwork such as invoices proof


  • Don’t be negative about the client or product

  • Don’t arrived ungroomed – nice hair and nails make all the difference

  • Don’t wear too much perfume – an overpowering scent, however pretty, can be very distracting

  • Don’t arrive late

For any further information, see the official Model Terms and Conditions here: The most relevant information can be found in section 6.

We hope this has made things a bit clearer, but if you should have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email, we are happy to help.

Telephone: 0208 945 5784


Sarah (Betts) and Tasha xx