The subject of this months Meet Our Models is Sian Harriman from the women’s new faces! Sian

Ciaran’s favourite job for Vision Model Management was the promotional commercial filmed for Revolution. This was a really fun project with the models taking part in a cocktail masterclass! Ciaran was booked along with Katy H, David W, Ella D, Jo W and Katy M. Ciaran is very talented dancer, and so loves doing shoots that involve him dancing and jumping about!

1.My favourite job i have done with Vision Model Management is..  The Revolution commercial. It was great fun an I met some lovely people shooting it.

 2.My favourite type of modelling job is.. When I get to dance and move around on the shoot.

 3.The most rewarding thing about modelling is.. Seeing the finished product.

4.If I could do a shoot for any designer if would be.. Jack Wills as their shoots always look fun.

 5.I would describe my style as.. A mixture of high street brands mixing the odd designer piece in sometimes

 6.My favourite high street store is.. Topman

 7.When i’m not working i like to.. Relax, catch a movie at the cinema, take a long run around regents park.

 8. The Cheesiest song on my iPod is.. Dolly Parton- Working 9 to 5

 9. In five years time i will be.. a millionaire.