Our India recently was cast for a shoot with talented Diana Neumark- fashion stylist, make-up artist and photographer.

Diana states that for her “fashion is an expression, an open expression that gives me the chance to work playfully, in a creative manner, using colours, shapes, lines and angles towards a result that not only satisfies my own senses, but also reached all the way to the viewer.”

Some backstage photos from the shoot


And if the shoot with India is anything to go by, she manages to convey these aspects perfectly. In a lingerie shoot that oozed pure charm and decadence, there was nothing other than tastefulness, beauty and femininity to be seen in the photos. In a 60s inspired setting, our India was seen in various different poses and stances, including putting on make-up in a  mirror and standing in front of an open doorway-all in-keeping with the beauty of the shoot.