Our beautiful Alyse Kimsey was recently selected for a project by Anja Crabb, for MA fashion and the environment at the London College of Fashion. The shoot took place in a beautiful location in South London near Knightsbridge, and was to investigate the relationship between fashion, memory, identity and experience.

anja-01 anja-02 anja-03 anja-04

Within this, it aimed to find forms of fashion, design and consumption that are not only meaningful and personal, but also sustainable, and this was shown through taking ‘the natural look’ to a whole new and literal level.

anja-05 anja-06

The garments were all made from organic silk that was hand-dyed with tea and iron, organic cotton, and salvaged materials, and the accessories crafted from remnants. This, teamed with striking make-up and a flowing natural colour scheme, the shoot produced a very effective outcome, of which is due to be shown at Brighton Fashion week‘s sustain show on Friday the 14th June. (More info here...)

Photography by Flo Brooks, Make up by Minkyung Kim, designer Anja Crabba, stylist Aitziber Iragui and Model Alyse Kimsey